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Ropes, Pulleys and Ratchet Straps For Sale & Hire

Pollard Productions are experienced in using and selling all of the following pieces of equipment. We are confident in our expertise in putting together the best package for your needs.These items are available to purchase at very competitive prices.

To enquire about any of our rigging equipment for sale or hire, please fill out our enquiry form .

Ropes, Pulleys and Ratchet Straps

Dynex SK 75 Rope

Braided Rope

  • Dynex rope 3mm to 60mm Diameter
  • Double braid Rope 3mm to 19mm- All Colours- Solid & Fleck
  • V B Cord 3mm - Black or White
  • Blocks- Ronstan, Harken,Lewmar, Riley,Schaeffer,
  • Double Braid 6mm - Black or White
  • Double Braid 12mm and 14mm - solid colours
  • Abseiling rope black 11mm nylon core
  • Spectra Rope - All Sizes


Pulleys,Blocks and Ratchet Pulleys

  • 75mm and 100mm                              
  • Rope Pulleys
  • Wire Rope Pulleys
  • Double and triple pulleys
  • Rope Jammers

Ratchet Straps 

  • Ratchet Straps - 50 mm x 10m
  • Ratchet Strap 35mm x 10m
  • Ratchet Straps - 50mm x 10m endless loop 
  • Ratchet Straps - 35 mm x 6 mtr endless loop 

ratchet straps

Beam Trolleys, Clamps and Wheels

beam clamps and trolleys
  • Adjustable beam trolleys 2 tonne and 3 tonne
  • Standard beam trolleys 2 tonne and 5 tonne
  • Beam clamps 2 tonne and 3 tonne
  • Mini wheels
  • Noby wheels
  • Tall and low axles

Scaffold, Tube and Fittings                                  

  • Alloy and Steel Tubes up to 6.5m 
  • Girder couplers
  • Tri couplers 
  • Double and Swivel Couplers- 48mm & 51 mm
  • Half couplers- 48mm & 51 mm  
  • Putlogs