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Pollards Riggers

Our staff are a collection of talented, dedicated professional riggers and are backed by many years of experience. We provide safe, clever, cost effective rigging solutions to suit your needs.  

Pollard Productions provide rigging services and rigging equipment. We also design and fabricate for special rigging requirements.

Rigging Team

James Ring

For 26 of the past 35 years, Pollard Productions have been led by James Ring. His childhood spent living and working on boats and his formative years in marine salvage means he really has been rigging since he could walk. Those years on and under the water have given James an approach to problem solving that demands immediacy, resourcefulness and above all, safety. Skills that are all valuable in production.


Pollards team on site

James now guides a highly professional and expert team. Pollards can provide the solution and can achieve the seemingly impossible for our clients. Where others are reluctant to try, Pollards can engineer, test and prove a design; minimizing risk and putting our client's mind at ease.    

We have a dedicated crew who work at all hours meeting the demands and deadlines of the entertainment industry. We operate through the full 24 hours, as schedules demand.

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