Specialist Rigging & Effects


Matrix Special Effects

Pollards provides Specialist rigging for film, television and live events.

We have the solutions when you require more than standard rigging. 

Live Performance

Rihanna Aerialist Fly Rigging

35 years of experience and knowledge we have accumulated means we can deliver, safely and efficiently, tracking and flying systems for, artists, video walls & set pieces. 

Hot Fashion

Fire effect

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water... Pollards brings these elements to your production in a controlled manner. We can provide out of the box solutions which may call upon our design and fabrication teams for that specific solution. 

Outdoor Events

Water Effect

When our clients wanted a giant screen to rise up from the water on Sydney Harbour it was Pollard Productions who in less than 2 weeks, designed, built and operated a pneumatic rig that lifted a raised a 12m x 7m screen. 

Venue Rigging

Venue Rigging

Pollards are leaders in venue and exhibition rigging. We are recognized by the major venues and considered preferred rigging providers. Pollards calculate weights to ensure venue roof loads are within engineering specifications.

Exhibition Rigging


With our extensive venue knowledge and relationships across Sydney we can assist you in installing, above head, stand infrastructure for banners, screens, lighting and set.

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